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Modern web development workflow

Used by Digitoimisto Dude Oy.

This repository includes Gulp and npm related files for starting a new project. These files are specifically meant for development on dudestack, modern-html5-boilerplate and air starter theme.

Table of contents

  1. Features
  2. Usage


  1. BrowserSync - Time-saving synchronised browser testing.
  2. Gulp - Automate and enhance your workflow
    1. gulp-changed - Only pass through changed files
    2. gulp-notify - gulp plugin to send messages based on Vinyl Files or Errors to Mac OS X, Linux or Windows using the node-notifier module. Fallbacks to Growl or simply logging
    3. gulp-sass - Libsass compiler for gulp
    4. gulp-util - Utilities for gulp plugins
    5. gulp-clean-css - A Gulp plugin that minifies css with clean-css gulp-autoprefixer** - 6. PostCSS plugin to parse CSS and add vendor prefixes using values from Can I Use.
    6. gulp-uglify - Minify JavaScript with UglifyJS
    7. gulp-cache - A temp file based caching proxy task for Gulp.
    8. gulp-concat - Streaming concat middleware for gulp (combines javascript files)
    9. gulp-header - Gulp extension to add a header to file(s) in the pipeline
    10. gulp-pixrem - A CSS post-processor that generates pixel fallbacks for rem units.
    11. gulp-uncss - Remove unused CSS selectors.


Please note: Currently this repo is bundled with WordPress starter theme air.

  1. Clone this repository to your project folder with mkdir -p ~/Projects && git clone ~/Projects
  2. npm-check-updates -u (if you don't have npm-check-updates installed, run sudo npm install -g npm-check-updates)
  3. npm update
  4. bower install
  5. gulp watch and have fun!