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###Account Balance Monitor - Server Side #####bash script to monitor account balances once a minute, sending out an email alert if total amount gets less

###Required The script is supposed to run on an Ubuntu system, with a fully synched Lisk node running. Sending mail has to be enabled on the server.

###Usage Transfer the script to a folder on your server. Make it executable with chmod +x Change the following lines in the script to show your Lisk and email addresses

my_accounts=('1111111111111111L' '2222222222222222L' '3333333333333333L' '4444444444444444L' '5555555555555555L')

Set up a cron job that runs this script once a minute, by typing crontab -eand adding a line
* * * * * /bin/bash >/dev/null 2>&1

You can check functionality of the script by uncommenting this line
Remember to comment it again once you have successfully received a warning mail.

Logs to check in case of trouble are mon.log in the install folder, and mail.log for any mail problems