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Multiple Users #96

edos4 opened this issue Mar 26, 2016 · 4 comments


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commented Mar 26, 2016

Please add the multi-user capability.


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commented Mar 26, 2016

Hi; try my new project
Support multi user.

El Saturday, March 26, 2016, Edwin Richbald A. Salinas <> escribió:

Please add the multi-user capability.

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@dignajar dignajar closed this May 1, 2016


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commented May 26, 2016

mulit-user is done, along with several enhancements and bug fixes.
finishing final regression testing, should be ready in a day or 2.
i can share a zip file, let me know.


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commented May 28, 2016

@tommygunnz , may I request for the zip file please? Email is


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commented Jun 4, 2016

*** manifest and code drop updated 12-4-16. see below ***
I have shared the (new 12-4-16) zip file on dropbox:

If there are any problems with the install or if something does not seem right, let me know. I was using no version control tool and created the zip manually, but hopefully there are no errors.

The manifest of fixes/improvements I've made to 4.0.5 base if anyone is interested:


  • FB and google shares now operative for supporting themes
  • blank password no longer allowed on settings->accounts, caused user lockout
  • blank username no longer allowed on settings->accounts
  • blank email no longer allowed on settings->accounts
  • inability to add website link to own site in a post now works
  • default checkbox to allow comments on all posts maintains setting
  • simpler2 theme now showing any posted text for video blogs
  • pager at bottom of manage pages admin screen only shows when more than 1 page of data exists. also counting begins with '1' now for all multi-page displays
  • new comment alert and comment entry form appearing at same time was causing missed comments. precessing put in to allow only one or the other.
  • HTML special characters in comments and author name were not displayed verbatim
  • comments limited to 1000 characters and force-wrapped at end of comment textarea to prevent horizontal scrolling for long comments and ureadable admin control panels
  • email 'validation' check now in place for user comment email address
  • publishing comment with blank author name no longer allowed
  • setting size of tag font now functioning
  • Page with no title not showing up in plug-in, now appears as "Page"
  • blank post ID in comments/list.bit replaced with "[No title]" for comments on posts with no title
  • alert given when user tries to enter comments too rapidly (30s or less)
  • regex RewriteRules in admin/views/settings/seo.bit for .htaccess now work
  • editing a draft page shows 1 more available sorting position in the drop-down menu than when editing a published page
  • replaced folder icon font with power cord icon font for Plugins on sidebar toolbar
  • infinite PHP loop once duplicate slug reached the count of 9; now the number after the '-' keeps increasing until 10000
  • could not add more than 1 URL image link in a post/page. all but first were showing as 'undefined'.
  • pager for displaying post pages was including draft posts in totals calculation and was not using the "count" function
  • RSS/atom feed standardized
  • db_posts_class.php undefined index 'position' changed to 'id'.

*** below are fixes for the 12-4-16 drop: ***

  • db_tags_class.php giving error on line 84 when "$where" undefined.
  • logic for limiting the display of up to the allowable number of posts per page was completely missing when filtering by tag
  • logic for paging when filtering by tag was completely missing
  • logic for paging when filtering by category was incorrect

if you have already installed, just unzip and replace the following files:

*** below are fixes for the 8-9-17 drop: ***

  • clarified comment in 8-posts_pages.bit
  • minor edit to get_full_list() in db_posts.class.php
  • db_tags.class.php was missing logic for excluding draft posts when filtering by tag

install via the link above and then go over the top with the following update patch:


  • multi-user, only difference between admin and normal user is that the administrator has the ability to add/remove users. completely deleting user from users.xml not available, but can replace user with another by editing fields.
  • mouseovers added for all admin panel active links/buttons
  • username added to all post titles in simple2 theme and others
  • simple2 theme improved
  • ability to change user email address added
  • confirmation now required for user password change on settings->accounts
  • easy4 admin panel layout improved/enhanced
  • native comment length now limited to 1000 characters
  • native comments display as written by author, including carriage returns
  • number of pages to display in page plugin now selectable in page pluging configuration
  • when deleting sufficient posts, pages, or comments on manage->posts etc., the pager for the last page will disappear when its link is no longer valid
  • limited the number of characters for titles and other HTML user inputs to something reasonable
  • draft pages now show on dashboard along with draft posts
  • improved error handling and user feedback for improper actions
  • ability to subscribe/unsubscribe to blogs by email added

to do by others:

  • add ability to restrict access of new users to specific blog features
  • additional language support needed for all languages except english for all new/fixed functionality
  • update.php and install.php may need slight mods
  • fix/replace calls to defunct defensio to stop php from generating error_log warnings
  • bump version number
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