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NodeJS POJO (Plain old JS object) that saves itself to disk - db free
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Anti-db takes the idea of a database fronted by a memory cache and reverses it, for maximum performance. The storage is a POJO (plain old JS object), which is saved to disk upon program exit. Optionally, the data can be saved to disk periodically.

Initializing an object from disk

var antidb = require('anti-db')();
var myobj = antidb.obj('./some.json');
myobj.hey = 'there';
// no need to call save(), automatically saved to disk on exit ./some.json

Use array instead of object

var myarr = antidb.obj('./somearr.json', []);

Save obj to disk periodically, just to be safer

var antidb = require('anti-db')(10000);  // every 10 sec.
var myobj = antidb.obj('./some.json');
myobj.hey = 'there';

Periodical mode

Will not attempt any saving to disk on SIGINT EXIT etc.., and just save to disk periodically.

var antidb = require('anti-db')(period = 10000, nosaveonexit = 1});  // every 10 sec.
var myobj = antidb.obj('./some.json');
myobj.hey = 'there';

Provide a default object / model and seal the object from further property additions

var antidb = require('anti-db')();
var myobj = antidb.obj('./some.json', {name: 'Chris', age: 21});

Override loading and saving of objects - Use as cache for other data sources

// Using a CSV as backing file

var antidb = require('anti-db')();
antidb.loadFunc = function(name, type){
    var csv_arr = fs.readFileSync(name).toString().split(/\n/);
    // put into JSON object
    return obj;
antidb.saveFunc = function(name, o){
    require('json2csv')({data: json, fields: ['car', 'price', 'color']}, function(err, csv) {
      if (err) console.log(err);
      fs.writeFile('file.csv', csv, function(err) {
        if (err) throw err;
        console.log('file saved');

Debug mode

Do this when running your app..

$ debug=1 node myapp
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