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The Trading Consequences database contains the text mining output for the last round of processing completed for the project in December 2013 and is the back-end to all of the online visualisations to make it more accessible to historians and other users. We provide a download of the database for anyone who would like to work with it directly.


The Trading Consequences database archive can be downloaded here:


It is approx. 8GB in size and needs to be unarchived first using tar (it will then be approx. 50GB).

Restoring the Database

To restore the database we recommend creating a new postgres database, install the PostGIS extension http://postgis.net to the newly created database and then use pg_restore to restore from the backup file using the following options:

pg_restore -e -Fc -d <dbname> trcons.backup

where <dbname> is the database you have created. Once restored and the indexes have finished building the database should be approx. 80GB in size.

Database Content

The database contains the text mining output obtained from processing over 200,000 historical documents. The datasets which were processed are listed here. The database contains the following tables:

Documents contains information about the 200,871 mined documents including document title, author, publication year, collection, and a URL to the original digitised document.

Commodity Mentions contains all mentions of each commodity (currently 28,595,550) reproducing exactly the spelling of the commodity in the text. Each commodity mention is linked to the corresponding document, the page identifier, the sentence snippet from which it was extracted, and the corresponding DBpedia concepts and categories. The latter helps to categorize, for example, commodity mentions that refer to the same commodity but are spelled differently.

Location Mentions contains all location mentions along with their corresponding document, page identifier, and sentence snippet. Furthermore, we store their latitude/longitude coordinates and GeoNames identifier. There are currently 74,744,515 location mentions stored in the database, corresponding to 2,275,186 unique locations identified in the corpus.

Commodity-Location Relations contains the commodity-location relations identified by text mining component (13,969,659 in total) across the entire document corpus which are stored in this additional table. Each commodity-location pair is linked to the corresponding commodity/location mentions tables via identifiers to enrich them with additional information such as the corresponding document, sentence snippet, commodity concept, and latitude and longitude.


If you are using this database for your research, please cite the Trading Consequences white paper:

Ewan Klein, Beatrice Alex, Claire Grover, Richard Tobin, Colin Coates, Jim Clifford, Aaron Quigley, Uta Hinrichs, James Reid, Nicola Osborne and Ian Fieldhouse. Digging Into Data White Paper: Trading Consequences, March 2014. (pdf]


The information stored in the database is the text mining output for over 200,000 historical documents. The mined information has been extracted automatically and contains errors. When working with the database and intrepreting the results we therefore recommend some level of checking the context of the information in the original documents via close reading.