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Trading Consequences Lexical Resources

  • base_lexicon.csv is a manually created list of commodities, derived from Customs Records and annotated with DBpedia concepts

  • tradcon_thesaurus.ttl is a SKOS ontology created by scripts from base_lexicon.csv

  • ports.csv is a gazetteer of 1710 ports or cities with ports and their latitude/longitude coordinates curated from two resources (a gazetteer containing 1,646 ports derived from early-mid 20th century Royal Navy logs provided by Philip Brohan at the Met Office Hadley Centre in Exeter and a list of 136 additional ports listed in the gazetteer of Colonial and Foreign ports published by Miltoun in 1903 (F. Miltoun. 1903. Ships and Shipping. Alexander Moring Ltd., De La More Press, London. http://www.kellscraft.com/ShipsandShipping/ShipsandShippingCh17.html )) The aggregated gazetteer contains repetitions of the same port in case of naming or spelling variations.