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This project collects a couple of tools to convert Eclipse downloads
and installations into Maven 2 repositories.

NOTE: Right now, all tools are hardwired to write the results to
"../tmp/". So if you start them with ""
being the current folder, the path will be ""

If you start the scripts from the folder which contains this README,
the tmp folder will be created outside the project.

A typical session looks like this:

> ./ ~/eclipse-3.6
> ./ ~/Downloads/eclipse-platform-SDK-3.6.2-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz

This imports all plug-ins from an existing Eclipse 3.6 install

> ./ ../tmp/*eclipse*_home/m2repo ../tmp/m2repo

This merges all new Maven 2 repos into a single one

> ./ ../tmp/m2repo/

to move the source JARs in the place where Maven 2 expects them

> ./ ../patches ../tmp/m2repo

To apply all patches to the new repo. Patches include simple cleanup as well
as moving Orbit dependencies into a special profile.

> ./ ../tmp/m2repo

To analyze the new Maven 2 repo. This gives you some information about odd
version numbers, missing dependencies, etc.

> ./ ../tmp/m2repo org.eclipse.dash:dependency-management:3.6.2

finally creates a single huge POM with a dependencyManagement that you can
import in your project to replace all version ranges with the specific
versions supplied by this repository. The second argument is the artifact ID
of the POM which will be created.

for how to use this POM in your projects.