pluggable app to enable new facebook oauth (Graph API) in your website
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Django + Facebook Graph API authentication

This is a python app to use the new Graph API authentication with Django. It uses the standard authentication build into Django.

Basic setup

  1. Put the files into a folder named 'facebook' in your Django project.
  2. Add the facebook context processor to TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS in "facebook.context_processors.facebook",
  3. Add the facebook authentication backend to AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ('facebook.backend.FacebookBackend')
  4. Add facebook app to INSTALLED_APPS in `'facebook',
  5. Add FACEBOOK_APP_ID, FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET and FACEBOOK_SCOPE (e.g. 'email,user_birthday,publish_stream') to
  6. Add this line to the urlpatterns in (r'^facebook/', include('facebook.urls')),
  7. Run python syncdb
  8. Add {{ fb_user.facebook_id }} to a template. It should show the logged in user's facebook id.
  9. Test by going to '/facebook/authenticate' then to the template you added the facebook id to

Template Tags Examples

To use the template tag to view the current user, add the following line to a template {% load pictures %}{% facebook_profile_picture fb_user.facebook_id %}