simple js script to sticky an element while scrolling
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Light javascript utility to "sticky" elements to the top or bottom of the viewport.


  • jQuery, post version 1.7


npm install js-sticky or just include the js file in your project.

Then in the file:

<script src="js-sticky.js"></script>


On your page, define these ids:

  • a #sticky or #sticky-bottom element (former is stickied to the top of the viewport, latter is stickied to the bottom of the viewport)
  • a #sticky-trigger element (the point at which the sticky behavior should trigger--if it's just a position in the page, can just make an empty div like <div id="sticky-trigger"></div>)
  • if your #sticky element takes up space in the DOM (i.e. is position: relative or static and NOT floating), wrap #sticky in a #sticky-cont div

For example:

page stuff blah blah
<div id="sticky-trigger"></div>

<div id="sticky-cont">
  <div id="sticky">
    sticky element here!

Behavior: On scrolling past sticky-trigger, sticky div will be stuck. On scrolling back up past sticky-trigger, sticky will act as normal.

Nothing is needed to initialize the sticky behavior; the jQuery takes care of that. Default trigger is document ready, or you can overwrite with your own event in the script. The script is pretty thoroughly commented.


Current limitations (future to-dos)

  • must manually define a sticky-cont container
  • can only have 1 sticky and sticky-bottom element per page



Reporting issues

Please report issues through Github, or feel free to open a PR with a fix. Thanks!