WebPODS installation

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WebPODS is a standard web application, packaged in a standard .war file. WebPODS was developed and tested against Glassfish, but it should be compatible with any JEE 7 container.

  • Install Glassfish 4.1 (https://glassfish.java.net/) or any other Java application server that has WebSocket support. Note that Glassfish 4.0 has bugs in the WebSocket support that may cause error handling to not behave correctly.
  • Download the WebPODS, by following the links on the main diirt page http://diirt.org
  • Drop the WebPods war in the auto-deploy directory

You should be able to run the examples. By running the examples, WebPODS will deploy the default configuration files in $HOME/.diirt. You can then edit them to configure the server.


The mapping file located in $DIIRT_HOME/pods/web/mappings.xml contains the logic to map incoming channel names to local channels and formulas. A default file is automatically written the first time that the server is run. The default file also contains instructions and examples on how to setup the mapping. For more information see diirt Configuration.

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