Wikipedia Interface for Node.js
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WikiJs is a node.js library which serves as an interface to Wikipedia (or any MediaWiki).

What can it do?

  • Search wiki articles
  • Fetch article content
  • Find all links/images/categories in a article page
  • Get parsed information about articles
  • Find articles by geographical location
  • and much more!



npm install wikijs

Build yourself

You can run these commands in order to build and test WikiJs:

git clone
cd wiki
npm install
npm run build
npm test


import wiki from 'wikijs';

    .then(page =>'alter_ego'))
    .then(console.log); // Bruce Wayne

Usage with webpack

In order for webpack to build wikijs properly, you must add an option to your webpack configuration file. Documentation

externals: {
  "isomorphic-fetch": "fetch"