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The Futhark Programming Language

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Futhark is a purely functional data-parallel programming language. Its optimising compiler is able to compile it to typically very performant GPU code. The language and compiler is developed at DIKU at the University of Copenhagen, originally as part of the HIPERFIT centre. Although still under heavy development, Futhark is already useful for practical high-performance programming.

For more information, see the website.

Also see the compiler and language documentation and the basis library documentation.

Installation instructions here.


To compile a Futhark program to sequential C:

futhark-c prog.fut -o prog

Or maybe OpenCL:

futhark-opencl prog.fut -o prog

And then run it:

./prog < prog.input

To interpret a Futhark program:

futharki prog.fut < prog.input


We try to make use of Github issues for organising our work. Issues tagged with good first issue do not require deep knowledge of the code base.


Run the futhark-test tests to check how well we're doing. Use futhark-test -t if you're in a hurry and only want to check that all the tests type-check.