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@athas athas released this May 30, 2018 · 1566 commits to master since this release


  • Entry points need no longer be syntactically first-order.

  • Added overloaded numeric literals (#532). This means type
    suffixes are rarely required.

  • Binary and unary operators may now be bound in patterns by
    enclosing them in parenthesis.

  • futhark-doc now produces much nicer documentation. Markdown is
    now supported in documentation comments.

  • /futlib/functional now has operators >-> and <-< for
    function composition. <<| are |>> are deprecated.

  • /futlib/segmented now has a segmented_reduce.

  • Scans and reductions can now be horizontally fused.

  • futhark-bench now supports multiple entry points, just like

  • ".." is now supported in include paths.


  • The reshape construct has been removed. Use the
    flatten/unflatten functions instead.

  • concat and rotate no longer support the @ notation. Use
    map nests instead.

  • Removed -I/--library. These never worked with
    futhark-test/futhark-bench anyway.


  • When defining a module type, a module of the same name is no
    longer defined (#538).

  • The default keyword is no longer supported.

  • /futlib/merge_sort and /futlib/radix_sort now define
    functions instead of modules.


  • Better type inference for rearrange and rotate.

  • import path resolution is now much more robust.

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