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Twig library for CodeIgniter 2.x


First, Create twig cache directory under application/cache; and give it write permission

$ mkdir -p application/cache/twig
$ chmod o+w application/cache/twig

Add the Twig config file to application/config/twig.php

Download the Twig library. Extract the it into application/libraries. The directories should look like this

|-- Error
|-- Extension
|-- Filter
|-- Function
|-- Loader
|-- Node
|   `-- Expression
|       |-- Binary
|       `-- Unary
|-- NodeVisitor
|-- Sandbox
|-- Test
`-- TokenParser


Put in your controller,

$data['title'] = "Testing Twig!!";
$this->twig->display('view.html', $data);

CodeIgniter helper functions

If you want to use CodeIgniter helper functions in Twig templates do this in your controller.

$this->load->library('twig'); // load the Twig library
$this->load->helper('url'); // load the CodeIgniter URL helper
// map the base_url() function as a Twig function 

Then in your Twig view call the base_url() function like this

{{ base_url() }}