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Create React App Configuration Override, an easy and comprehensible configuration layer for create-react-app.

Find config docs, API docs, plugins, and example configs at!

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Get all the benefits of Create React App and customization without using 'eject' by adding a single configuration (e.g. craco.config.js) file at the root of your application and customize your ESLint, Babel, PostCSS configurations and many more.

  1. Install the latest version of the package from npm as a dev dependency:

    npm i -D @craco/craco
  2. Create a CRACO configuration file in your project's root directory and configure:

      ├── node_modules
    + ├── craco.config.js
      └── package.json
  3. Update the existing calls to react-scripts in the scripts section of your package.json to use the craco CLI:

    "scripts": {
    -  "start": "react-scripts start"
    +  "start": "craco start"
    -  "build": "react-scripts build"
    +  "build": "craco build"
    -  "test": "react-scripts test"
    +  "test": "craco test"

Visit to learn more.