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* qatar/master: (22 commits)
  g723.1: do not pass large structs by value
  g723.1: do not bounce intermediate values via memory
  g723.1: declare a variable in the block it is used
  g723.1: avoid saving/restoring excitation
  g723.1: avoid unnecessary memcpy() in residual_interp()
  g723.1: make postfilter write directly to output buffer
  g723.1: drop unnecessary variable buf_ptr in formant_postfilter()
  g723.1: make scale_vector() output to a separate buffer
  g723.1: make autocorr_max() work on an arbitrary buffer
  g723.1: do not needlessly use int64_t
  g723.1: use saturating addition functions
  g723.1: optimise scale_vector()
  g723.1: remove useless uses of MUL64()
  g723.1: remove unnecessary argument 'shift' from dot_product()
  g723.1: deobfuscate "(x << 4) - x" to "15 * x"
  celp: optimise ff_celp_lp_synthesis_filter()
  libavutil: add saturating addition functions
  cllc: Implement ARGB support
  cllc: Add support for QRGB
  cllc: Rename some funcs to represent what they actually do


Merged-by: Michael Niedermayer <>
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2 parents bd70a52 + 69665bd commit d8c3170c9ff81b5563eba543ff56687bcb7f5127 @michaelni michaelni committed Aug 13, 2012
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
Most files in FFmpeg are under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1
or later (LGPL v2.1+). Read the file COPYING.LGPLv2.1 for details. Some other
@@ -51,18 +50,29 @@ for you. Read the file COPYING.LGPLv3 or, if you have enabled GPL parts,
COPYING.GPLv3 to learn the exact legal terms that apply in this case.
-external libraries:
+external libraries
-Some external libraries, e.g. libx264, are under GPL and can be used in
-conjunction with FFmpeg. They require --enable-gpl to be passed to configure
-as well.
+FFmpeg can be combined with a number of external libraries, which sometimes
+affect the licensing of binaries resulting from the combination.
-The OpenCORE external libraries are under the Apache License 2.0. That license
-is incompatible with the LGPL v2.1 and the GPL v2, but not with version 3 of
-those licenses. So to combine the OpenCORE libraries with FFmpeg, the license
-version needs to be upgraded by passing --enable-version3 to configure.
+compatible libraries
-The nonfree external libraries libfaac and libaacplus can be hooked up in FFmpeg.
-You need to pass --enable-nonfree to configure to enable it. Employ this option
-with care as FFmpeg then becomes nonfree and unredistributable.
+The libcdio, libx264, libxavs and libxvid libraries are under GPL. When
+combining them with FFmpeg, FFmpeg needs to be licensed as GPL as well by
+passing --enable-gpl to configure.
+The OpenCORE and VisualOn libraries are under the Apache License 2.0. That
+license is incompatible with the LGPL v2.1 and the GPL v2, but not with
+version 3 of those licenses. So to combine these libraries with FFmpeg, the
+license version needs to be upgraded by passing --enable-version3 to configure.
+incompatible libraries
+The Fraunhofer AAC library, FAAC and aacplus are under licenses incompatible
+with all (L)GPL versions. Thus, unfortunately, since both licenses cannot be
+satisfied simultaneously, binaries resulting from the combination of FFmpeg
+with these libraries are nonfree und unredistributable. If you wish to enable
+any of these libraries nonetheless, pass --enable-nonfree to configure.
@@ -63,17 +63,16 @@ int ff_celp_lp_synthesis_filter(int16_t *out, const int16_t *filter_coeffs,
int i,n;
for (n = 0; n < buffer_length; n++) {
- int sum = rounder;
+ int sum = -rounder, sum1;
for (i = 1; i <= filter_length; i++)
- sum -= filter_coeffs[i-1] * out[n-i];
+ sum += filter_coeffs[i-1] * out[n-i];
- sum = ((sum >> 12) + in[n]) >> shift;
+ sum1 = ((-sum >> 12) + in[n]) >> shift;
+ sum = av_clip_int16(sum1);
+ if (stop_on_overflow && sum != sum1)
+ return 1;
- if (sum + 0x8000 > 0xFFFFU) {
- if (stop_on_overflow)
- return 1;
- sum = (sum >> 31) ^ 32767;
- }
out[n] = sum;
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