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This project has been released under the MIT License, and it's text is
contained within the accompanying file
All future versions of the MIT License automatically apply.

Entry on 10-31-15 by Dileep

Project has reached a stage where it can be put in haitus. It has served its purpose for us. View git commit logs for more info.
The file param.template should be self-explanatory. 
MIT public license has now been added.
The only thing left to do is to simulate other players at a table, specify their positions and strategies, etc.

Entry on 05-06-15 by Dileep

Okay. So far, it works in CPU.
Tested by running a single trial with one bet and printing entire table to stdout. Type 'make check' to execute.
Cards are numbered 1 through 13. 1 is ace.

All parameters are supplied through a param file.
Refer to param.template for sample values.

Add new strategy rules to function pdecision().

shoe[52*8] array contains cards in shoe.
dealer[21] array contains cards drawn by dealer.
player[8][21] contains cards drawn by player.
Its a 2D array to account for split hands.
bets[8] contains bets on each hand (accounting for splits).
bank contains total bank.

Quite a few global variables like handno, cardno, nhands, etc. are important and shouldn't be used unless you know what you are doing.

Time to make a scheme where bank after N trials are stored in a text
file, which can be plotted later. (bank resets at start of each trial,
see param.template)

Entry on 05-20-15 by Dileep

Statistics that need to be gathered:

Average gain (+ve or -ve) per trial         (avegain)
Standard deviation in gain for all trials   (siggain)
Average gain per draw 	       	   	    (drawavegain)
Standard deviation per draw		    (drawsiggain)
Biggest gain per draw  			    (maxgain)
Smallest gain per draw			    (mingain)
Maximum bank any trial			    (maxbank)
Minimum bank any trial			    (minbank)
Maximum midtrial bank			    (maxmidbank)
Minimum midtrial bank			    (minmidbank)

Average bet size per trial		    (avebet)
Standard deviation in bet size per trial    (sigbet)
Maximum bet size any trial     	   	    (maxbet)
Minimum bet size any trial		    (minebet)
Number of bankruptcies per trial	    (nbankrupt)
Average number of winning hands		    (nwinhands)
Average number of player-hand busts	    (npbusts)
Average number of dealer busts		    (ndbusts)

Average number of decisions:
(surrenders, stands, hits, doubles, splits)
(nsur, 	     nstd,   nhits, ndbls,  nsplts)
(fsur, 	     fstd,   fhits, fdbls,  fsplts)


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