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assets Add asset for FAQ. Mar 2, 2018
bin Add js code to execute elm generator code. Nov 27, 2017
dist Update schema for star wars example. Jul 5, 2018
ete_tests Fix normalization issue with InputObject encoding for reserved keywords. Apr 15, 2018
examples Add mutation example to examples folder. Closes #65. Jul 5, 2018
src Update type in example in docs to use new error type (fixes #66). Jul 18, 2018
tests Use annotated args helpers in input object constructor generator. Mar 13, 2018
.gitignore 2.1.2 Jan 21, 2018
.travis.yml Try to force npm version to fix build failure. Jul 2, 2018 Bump elm package version. Jul 2, 2018 Rename old graphqelm references in FAQ Nov 14, 2018
LICENSE Add license and package author details. Dec 2, 2017 Redirect users to `dillonkearns/elm-graphql` in README Aug 23, 2018
elm-analyse.json Add elm-analyse setup. Dec 11, 2017
elm-package.json Bump elm package version. Jul 2, 2018
introspection-result.json Add experimental --introspection-file flag to CLI. Jan 10, 2018
package.json Bump npm package to 3.1.12. Apr 15, 2018
tsconfig.json Add js code to execute elm generator code. Nov 27, 2017
webpack.config.ts Extract typescript file. Dec 29, 2017

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