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Final Project for AP Computer Science Fall 2014
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AP-CS_Final_Project: Bob's Board Games

Final Project for AP Computer Science Fall 2014


Sammi Wu Leung & Dillon Zhang (Period 2)


Classic Board Games Reborn on the Computer through Processing

  • Connect 4 -> Completed by SWL
  • Simon Says -> Completed by DZ
  • Battleship -> Completed by DZ
  • Trouble -> Completed by SWL
  • Go
  • Chess
  • Checker
  • Sorry

The number of games will depend on what time allows. If time allows, AI will be added to some games to allow for single and multiplayer.

Link games together with a central HUB with Processing

  • Create HUB to link games -> Completed by DZ


Our project is a combination of four board games, Battleship, Connect 4, Simon Says, & Trouble. There are two main ways to run our project.

The first method is selecting a game and downloading the corresponding folder. Each game can run on its own within its folder. To run the game, open its main Processing file. .pde These games are slighty rudimentary compared to the final game put in the main hub, but will provide proper game play.

The second method is downloading the hub folder. Run Hub.pde in order to start the games. It will open a main menu where one can select games. One can always return to the main menu throught the clicking of the 'Return to Hub' or pressing the 'm' key. The Hub uses both the mouse to click on the sectors and the keys 1, 2, 3, and 4 to selct games.

Battleship Battleship is a 2-player game. It starts with the setup phase where users will be prompted to place their ships on the board. The next phase is the gameplay where users take turns guessing the locations of the other ships. The first person to strike all the opponent's ship wins the game. All gameplay is done through the mouse.

Connect 4 Connect 4 is a 2-player game. It starts auttomatically with a new game. The first player is the color black; the second, red. Players try to have 4 adjacent pieces that are either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal to each other. The first person to do so, wins the game. Gameplay can be done with either keyboard keys or by clicking.

Simon Says Simon Says is a simple pattern memorization game. The computer will play a sequence and the user has to memorize it. You can either play with the mouse by clicking on the color sectors or using the keys 'h' for red, 'g' for green, 't' for blue, or 'y' for yellow.

Trouble Trouble is a simple 2-4 player board game. You first choose the amount of players then the order is randomly selected – lower rolls play first. After that, the goal is to go around the board from each player's starting point once to win. The game is purely clicking-only.

Change Log

Timestamp Contributor Description
2014-12-19 DZ Created Repo and
2014-12-23 DZ Started Project Simon
2014-12-23 DZ Implemented Flash functions
2014-12-23 SWL Started Project Connect 4
2014-12-23 SWL Finished basics for Connect 4
2014-12-24 SWL Added graphics to show the winner in a clearer fashion
2014-12-25 DZ Able to flash colors and keep original shape
2014-12-25 DZ Flashing colors change back to original color after slight delay
2014-12-27 SWL Added help menu onto Connect 4 and made it playable with just the keyboard keys. Also created the background for Trouble
2014-12-28 DZ Added level creation, Encountering delay issues with visuals - Looking for solutions
2015-01-05 DZ Added level creation, Resolved timing issue
2015-01-05 SWL Figured out how to evenly space circles around board
2015-01-06 SWL Created the board & background for Trouble
2015-01-06 DZ Added user input recording and win checker
2015-01-07 DZ Added Visual for losing and winning
2015-01-07 SWL Added random number flasher and number picker
2015-01-08 DZ Finished Game, Added Win, Lose, and Start Screen - May add sound later
2015-01-08 SWL Added S for start postiion & preliminary prompt menu
2015-01-09 DZ Added startscreen design, beep tones for four buttons, victory and lose sounds to Simon
2015-01-11 SWL Finished startscreen
2015-01-12 DZ Added Team Name
2015-01-12 DZ Fixed screen between levels, prevent clicking on level setup
2015-01-13 DZ Created Hub, Wrote new version of simon as a class, Designed Hub, Connected Simon to Hub
2015-01-14 DZ Created Abstract Game class for organization, Cleaned up Simon, Created pathway back to hub
2015-01-14 SWL Created a startup screen for Connect 4
2015-01-14 SWL Added a checker for choosing players to ensure there is at least one human player and an opponent at all times
2015-01-14 DZ Started Battleship, Created Ship and Board Class
2015-01-15 DZ Integrated Connect into Hub, Added Picture for Connect, Renamed files to specific games
2015-01-15 DZ Fixed Hub's Strokes, Modified Simon start screen to display help info
2015-01-15 SWL Added a box to Connect 4 that tells the turn
2015-01-15 DZ Added Connect modification to Hub
2015-01-16 DZ Worked on Battleship, Attempted Board Setup
2015-01-17 DZ Fixed Ship Placement for Battleship
2015-01-19 SWL Completed startscreen for Trouble
2015-01-19 SWL Fixed the paths each color takes in Trouble
2015-01-20 DZ Started Gameplay, Draws own and opponents board, Adds targeting animation
2015-01-20 SWL Redid my mess with boolean variables and simplified my order-choosing for Trouble
2015-01-20 DZ Changed Player turns and allowed for marking of ships being hit
2015-01-21 SWL Began working on turns and added visual onto the board
2015-01-22 DZ Finished Battleship, Added Audio to Battleship, Cleaned up transitions, Added informational text, Modified formating
2015-01-22 DZ Integrated Battleship into Hub, Modified to return to hub and act as a class file, Add section in Hub
2015-01-22 DZ Commented for stand-alone Simon
2015-01-22 DZ Commented for connect-hub Simon
2015-01-22 SWL Removed AI from Trouble and made a basic version of it
2015-01-22 SWL Commented on stand-alone Trouble
2015-01-23 DZ Connected Trouble to Hub and added Hub image
2015-01-23 SWL Added Usage to README
2015-01-24 DZ Finished commenting code for Hub and Hub's games
2015-01-24 SWL / DZ Finished Project
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