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Final Project for AP Computer Science Spring 2015
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Final Project for AP Computer Science Spring 2015


Sammi Wu Leung & Dillon Zhang (Period 1)


Creating Pacman through Processing

  • Pacman Sprite
  • Ghost Sprite
  • Board Pieces
  • Start Screen
  • High Score Screen


Download the files, you only need everything in the Main directory. Open Main.pde and click run. This will bring you to a startscreen. Everything will then run on the ASWD keys. Good luck and have fun! Relive your childhood.


Timestamp Contributor Description
2015-05-19 DZ Created Repo and
2015-05-19 DZ Created Main.pde, Board.pde;
2015-05-19 DZ Created Piece.pde, PieceXX.pde; Setup drawPiece()
2015-05-22 SWL Edited files to reflect change in approach to drawing the game board
2015-05-24 SWL Began working on High Score screen (to be integrated later)
2015-05-24 DZ Selected Reference File for the board
2015-05-28 DZ Created Board, Reading in Board
2015-05-31 DZ Started to create the pieces of the board
2015-05-31 SWL Began working on 3-letter name input for the high score
2015-05-31 DZ Finished board's skeleton
2015-06-01 SWL Added unfunctional submit button and made character arrows flash
2015-06-01 DZ Added Pacman Sprite to Board, Animated Power Dots
2015-06-01 SWL Made the submit button functional in High Score Screen
2015-06-02 SWL / DZ Made Spooky Ghosts Sprites, Selected DZ's
2015-06-03 SWL Made basic Scared Ghosts
2015-06-04 DZ Modified Scared Ghosts
2015-06-08 SWL Began working on StartScreen
2015-06-10 DZ Aligned Pacman to the Board, Cleaned Code
2015-06-11 DZ Fixed board clipping, Processing is too slow to keep track of changes
????-??-?? ??? / ?? Forgetting to update the devlog...


Although this project is not as developed as we would like, we had constantly hit bumps and obstacles that were unforseen. This included the lag created by processing. This limited our conditional statements and forced us to uses inequalities rather than equalities. Therefore we had to rethink and recreate algorithms that accounted for bidirectional movements and cardinal direction handling. Our maze algorithms did not implement as smoothly as we would have liked into Pacman. After each taking a shot at writing a proper maze algorithm (see commits) for the game, we ultimately gave up on the maze algorithm due to time constraints. Our developement process also could use improvement. With our strong original plan lacking any contingency, any issue that arised took far more time to address than nessecary. For example, we developed our sprites, start and end screens seperately from the main portion. When it came time to add it, we ran into issues where one unit of measure in one was different than the other. We lacked consistency across the board and had to rewrite and readapt files to fit into our main. After running into constant unforseen problems and having to adapt our code to account for them, our original plan was redrawn and scaled back unfortunately. However, this is still a successful project that has room for improvement!

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