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Graphics Homework 08: mdl-animation


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Ariel Levy [@askyel] (
Dillon Zhang [@dillzhang] (

How it Works

To run any .mdl file, simple enter $ make file=<FILENAME>


  • All features submitted within Homework #8
  • Scanline Conversion
  • Z-buffering
  • Flat Shading: Although the code can calculate flat shading, this does not work with .mdl files
    • Default values
      • Ambient reflection: 0.3
      • Diffuse reflection: 0.5
      • Specular reflection: 0.2
      • Ambient Red: 128
      • Ambient Green: 0
      • Ambient Blue: 0
      • Point Light Souces
        • Located at (0, 0, -250) with color value [255, 0, 0]
    • These can be changed either by supplying another parameter to draw_flat_polygons() in or changing the default values
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