PalindromicGen is configurable, cross platform tool to obtain Palindromic numbers
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PalindromicGen is a lightweight configurable tool to perform reverse-and-add operations to obtain Palindromic numbers. The main purpose of this application is to examine the existence of Lychrel numbers in a series of natural numbers.

This tool is developed using Free Pascal compiler and its design to work with many platforms with minor adjustments. We test this tool in several Windows and Linux distributions. PalindromicGen is design to work with Pentium 4 (or compatible) instruction sets (under the default compiler configuration) and its performance is heavily depends on its settings and system configuration.

Under the theoretical limits this application can manipulate up to 231 digit numbers and at the development phase we test this system with maximum of 501 digits (to obtain the palindromic number of 1186060307891929990).

Usage Instructions

PalindromicGen is a configurable tool[1]. If you plan to execute PalindromicGen for large series of base numbers with higher iteration count please try to stick with following guidelines:

  • Try to divide base numbers into some small groups (e.g: 50 numbers, 100 numbers, etc.) and process them sequentially.
  • Try to shutdown the screen output by setting up outputscreen=0 flag.
  • If you are processing very large numbers (which have more than 500 digits) try to close other applications in current operating system session.

[1]: Check palindromicgen.ini file for all configuration settings.

Sample Data

  • first_10000_num_10000_lim.ods: formatted OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet with 10 to 1000 base numbers and their Palindromic numbers (if available).
  • output_261iter.csv: CSV file with 1186060307891929950 to 1186060307891929999 base numbers and their Palindromic numbers (if available).

Both these sample files are available in /samples directory in PalindromicGen GitHub repository.

PalindromicGen Download

The compiled binaries of PalindromicGen for Linux and Windows are available to download at

Project License

PalindromicGen is an open source software project and it is release under the terms of MIT License.