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Automatic programmable light

This document provides instructions to build and test a programmable light controller. All source files and design files referenced in this document are available to download or view at the project repository.

Programmable light which described in this document is 8-bit microcontroller based LED light controller with a built-in timer. This controller can be programmed to turn on and off at a specific time of the day. To maintain time, this unit equipped with an accurate, battery backed-up clock module.

This light controller is designed to work with commonly available 7W LED modules and with 24V DC power source.

As illustrated above the core component of this light controller is Atmel ATmega8 8bit microcontroller (MCU). The firmware which loaded into ATmega8 defines the functionality of this light controller. Apart from that EEPROM of ATmega8 is used to save the user settings of this system.

DS1307 real-time clock (RTC) is used to maintain the system time. Its battery backup feature supports this system to keep system time during the power interruptions.

MC34063 DC-to-DC converter provides +5V to MCU and RTC.

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