Fingerprint capture library for Zhiantec’s ZFM-20 series fingerprint module(s).
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This is x86 native library to communicate with Zhiantec's ZFM-20 series fingerprint modules over serial interface(s) and obtain captured fingerprint images from the sensor module. This library provides simple API to check availability of sensor, capture and download images from fingerprint reader module. This fingerprint capture library is implemented using Lazarus and it support for C/C++, Lazarus/FPC, Delphi and Microsoft .net framework based programming languages. Compiled binaries of this project are available for Microsoft Windows operating system.

Fingerprint reader module

This version of ZFM-20 Fingerprint capture library is tested with ZFM-20 series serial fingerprint module with CH340G USB to serial converter. Generally this library is design to work with any USB to serial converter which including FT232, CP2101, etc.


  • ZFM-20 Fingerprint capture library is released under the terms of MIT License.
  • Sample applications of this project use an icon file which is designed by IconsMind.
  • This project use Ararat Synapse for serial communication.