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upgitter is a BASH script, which lets you update your git repositories with ease.


upgitter is a BASH script, which simplifies the repository management. Imagine your setup: How many git repositories reside on your hard drive? Do you need to manually check for updates for each of those? Then this is for you!

upgitter consists of several methods, which enable you to

  • discover the git repositories on your hard drive
  • manage a list of repositories to be watched
  • manage a list of repositories to be ignored
  • check the watched repositories for updates
  • update the watched repositories


AGPLv3 for all of my stuff. (Hooray for the FSF! Free Software means Free Society!)


Installation of the script is essentially a 4-step process:

  1. Clone this repository via

    git clone

and cd into the folder 'upgitter'

  1. Configure the paths in Makefile according to your installation The relevant variables are:

    • UPGITTER_ETC_DIR - The directory, where config, watch list and ignore list reside
    • BIN_DIR - The directory, where the executable shell script is going to go
    • MAN1DIR - directory where the plugin's manual page shall be installed
  2. Generate the correct files


  3. Then copy the resulting resulting files, the man page, the default config and watch and ignore list to the corresponding directories This can be achieved using:

    make install

That's it.


After the the script is installed, you may change some configuration values in the config file. Therefore copy upgitter.conf.dist to upgitter.conf and adjust the values.

GIT repository structure

dovecot-mbc's git repository consists of the following folders and files:

  • LICENSE - the AGPL license text
  • Makefile - the makefile with the relevant file adjustments
  • - the file you are currently looking at ;)
  • - the template for the man page
  • - the template for your configuration file
  • - the script itself

Special thanks

Special thanks go to all git contributers!

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