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if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
echo "Usage: `basename $0` [options] [.exs file] [data]
-v Prints version and exit
-e \"command\" Evaluates the given command (*)
-r \"file\" Requires the given files/patterns (*)
-pr \"file\" Requires the given files/patterns in parallel (*)
-pa \"path\" Prepend the given path to Erlang code path (*)
-pz \"path\" Append the given path to Erlang code path (*)
--no-halt Do not halt the Erlang VM after execution
** Options marked with (*) can be given more than once;
** Options given after the .exs file or -- are passed down to the executed code;
** Options can be passed to the erlang runtime using ELIXIR_ERL_OPTS." >&2
exit 1
readlink_f () {
cd `dirname $1` > /dev/null
local filename=`basename $1`
if [ -h "$filename" ]; then
readlink_f `readlink $filename`
echo "`pwd -P`/$filename"
SELF=`readlink_f $0`
erl -pa $SCRIPT_PATH/../ebin -noinput $ELIXIR_ERL_OPTS -s elixir start_cli -extra "$@"
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