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-export([last/1, concat/1, safe_concat/1, lookup/2,
format_error/1, ensure_loaded/3]).
%% Ensure a reference is loaded before its usage.
ensure_loaded(_Line, '__MAIN__.Elixir.Builtin', _S) ->
ensure_loaded(Line, Ref, S) ->
error:undef ->
Kind = case lists:member(Ref, S#elixir_scope.scheduled) of
true -> scheduled_module;
false -> unloaded_module
elixir_errors:form_error(Line, S#elixir_scope.filename, ?MODULE, { Kind, Ref })
%% Receives an atom and returns the last reference.
last(Atom) ->
list_to_atom(last(lists:reverse(atom_to_list(Atom)), [])).
last([$.|_], Acc) -> "__MAIN__." ++ Acc;
last([H|T], Acc) -> last(T, [H|Acc]);
last([], Acc) -> Acc.
%% Receives a list of atoms representing modules
%% and concatenate them.
concat(Args) -> list_to_atom(raw_concat(Args)).
safe_concat(Args) -> list_to_existing_atom(raw_concat(Args)).
raw_concat(Args) ->
Refs = [to_partial_ref(Arg) || Arg <- Args, Arg /= nil],
[$_, $_, $M, $A, $I, $N, $_, $_ | lists:concat(Refs)].
to_partial_ref(Arg) when is_binary(Arg) -> to_partial_ref(binary_to_list(Arg));
to_partial_ref(Arg) when is_atom(Arg) -> to_partial_ref(atom_to_list(Arg));
to_partial_ref("__MAIN__" ++ Arg) -> Arg;
to_partial_ref([$.|_] = Arg) -> Arg;
to_partial_ref(Arg) when is_list(Arg) -> [$.|Arg].
%% Lookup a reference in the current scope
lookup(Else, Dict) ->
case orddict:find(Else, Dict) of
{ ok, Value } when Value /= Else -> lookup(Value, Dict);
_ -> Else
%% Errors
format_error({unloaded_module, Module}) ->
io_lib:format("module ~s is not loaded and could not be found", [elixir_errors:inspect(Module)]);
format_error({scheduled_module, Module}) ->
io_lib:format("module ~s is not loaded but was defined. This happens because you are trying to use a module in the same context it is defined. Try defining the module outside the context that requires it.",
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