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Tokyo Cache Store
An ActiveSupport (Rails) cache-store plugin for Tokyo Tyrant.
* File based cache engine
* Lightning fast - performance comparable to memcached
* High compression rates
* Excellent replication capabilities
Tokyo Cabinet:
Tokyo Tyrant:
Ruby Bindings:
sudo gem install rufus-tokyo
As a rails plugin:
script/plugin install git://
As a GEM:
sudo gem install dim-tokyo-cache-store --source=
Usage (simplified)
Create a new cache store:
tchmgr create ./tmp/cache/tt_store.tch # See 'man tchmgr' for a full list of options
Start the tokyo-tyrant server:
ttserver ./tmp/cache/tt_store.tch # See 'man ttserver' for a full list of options
Configure the Rails cache store (in environment.rb):
config.cache_store = :tokyo_cache_store, 'localhost', 1978