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== Description
-With *RestfulX* you can:
+Here's some of the things you can do with *RestfulX*:
* *Create* a complete _Adobe_ _Flex_ or _AIR_ application in less than 5 minutes.
@@ -16,16 +16,18 @@ With *RestfulX* you can:
rx-gen -h
* *Integrate* with _Ruby_ _On_ _Rails_, _Merb_ or _Sinatra_ applications
- that use _ActiveRecord_, _DataMapper_, _CouchRest_, _ActiveCouch_, etc.
+ that use _ActiveRecord_, _DataMapper_, _CouchRest_, _ActiveCouch_ and so on.
-* *Communicate* between your Flex/AIR rich client and service providers
+* *Communicate* between your Flex/AIR Rich Internet Application and service providers
using either _XML_ or _JSON_.
-* *Persist* your data directly in Adobe AIR's _SQLite_ database or _CouchDB_
+* *Persist* your data directly in Adobe AIR _SQLite_ database or _CouchDB_
without any additional infrastructure or intermediate servers.
-* *Deploy* your Rx application on the Google App Engine and use Google
+* *Deploy* your RestfulX application on the Google App Engine and use Google
DataStore for persistence.
+* *Synchronize* your data between AIR _SQLite_ and other service providers.
== Getting Started
@@ -39,8 +41,8 @@ For details on how to get started with the Rx framework refer to:
Report bugs or track framework development progress:
Get involved with the community:

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