A community-driven book describing inner workings of the Grails framework
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Why do we need this book?

It is one thing to know how to use an existing uber cool framework,
and another thing to know its internals and being able to read the code and understand how it does things under the covers.
For true ‘hacker’ types it is a very satisfying experience to be able to understand and to contribute to a successful Open Source project.

So this is an attempt to fill the void of documenting the inner workings of the Grails framework. Please note that it probably will not be possible to
cover every possible class and every single line of code, but at least it is an attempt to cover major Grails subsystems fairly thoroughly.

The main advantage of such a book is that it’s ‘community-driven’ and if the original author gets stuck or loses a passion, hopefully other passionate ‘hackers’
will fork it and keep it alive. In fact the book is designed to be written by ‘community’ and the ‘original author’ encourages everyone to contribute by forking it.


If you want to contribute, fork this repository and go ahead.
Pull requests on GitHub are more than welcome. If you use
patches, make sure you use git format-patch and your patch
has author name and email address on it.

Do keep in mind that my native language is Russian, so do not
hesitate to correct my English grammar