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Implemented measures of Social Value Orientation in oTree

This repository contains templates and functions which implement common measures of Social Value Orientation in oTree. The two measures currently implemented are the Nine-Item Triple Dominance measure (Van Lange, Otten & Joireman, 1997) and the Slider Measure (Murphy, Ackermann & Handgraaf, 2011). For the Slider Measure, a variant with continuous choices and one with discrete choices are included.

This repository contains Django/HTML templates with associated JavaScript functionality to display these SVO measures to participants, as well as Python functions to evaluate the resulting input.

Installation and usage instructions

Out of the box, this repository functions as an oTree app which can be placed in your oTree folder and included in the app sequence for your session. Within the app you can of course freely choose which measures (pages) are displayed. You can also modify any aspect of the styling or functionality.


  • Clone or download the full contents of this repository directly from this page.
  • Place the svoTree folder in your oTree experiment directory
  • Add svoTree to the app sequence of any sessions in which you want to use it This is the recommended installation method.


To try all measures of SVO included in svoTree, add svoTree to the app sequence of an existing session config or create a new session config which has svoTree in the app sequence. To make sure you see all included measures when running this session, check that all included pages are listed in the page sequence at the bottom of

The contains complete working examples of pages which display, collect input from, and calculate Social Value Orientation for each of the included measures.


Included in svoTree are several measures of Social Value Orientation. So far, the repository contains two measures. First, the measure which is historically most commonly used: the Nine-Item Triple Dominance Measure (see Au & Kwong, 2004). Second, a more recently introduced measure which has been gaining popularity and offers a more fine-grained assessment of Social Value Orientation: the Slider Measure (Murphy, Ackermann & Handgraaf, 2011). For each of these measure, svoTree includes templates (with associated JavaScript files) to display these measures, as well as functions to assess the resulting input. In you will find a view for each included measure, which can be used directly or can be taken as an example which shows what you will need to implement in your own views in order to use svotree's functions and templates.

Nine-Item Triple Dominance measure

Slider Measure

Continuous variant

Discrete variant


  1. Au, W. T., & Kwong, J. Y. Y. (2004). Measurements and effects of social-value orientation in social dilemmas. In R. Suleiman, D. V Budescu, I. Fischer, & D. M. Messick (Eds.), Contemporary psychological research on social dilemmas (pp. 71–98). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  2. Murphy, R. O., Ackermann, K. A., & Handgraaf, M. J. J. (2011). Measuring Social Value Orientation. Judgment and Decision Making, 6(8), 1–12.
  3. Van Lange, P. a. M., Otten, W., De Bruin, E. M. N., & Joireman, J. a. (1997). Development of prosocial, individualistic, and competitive orientations: Theory and preliminary evidence. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 73(4), 733–746. doi:10.1037//0022-3514.73.4.733


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