Use common JavaScript libraries from cdnjs instead of local copies.
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Use cdnjs

Use cdnjs is a simple plugin used to rewrite links to common JavaScript and CSS files that are loaded from you server to those available on cdnjs.

For example, your site might request file located at but this plugin will change that to

This rewriting is done for several external open source libraries that WordPress use and that have identical copies on cdnjs. All libraries are manualy reviewed and tested.

Plugin also takes care to remove version query number for changed URLs for better caching (version is already in URL), to properly include minified or development version, and to put jQuery in noConflict mode. Files are always loaded from https which means you will benefit from HTTP/2.

There are no database calls or settings, it just works when is activated or vice versa.

There are also two filters that enable developers to add aditional libraries they might use in their plugins or themes. For example, you might include Bootstrap in your project and enqueue it in standard, proper way. Then, you just add filter to tell Use cdnjs to rewrite default URL to use cdnjs:

function md_bootstrap_use_cdnjs_style( $styles ) {
	$styles['bootstrap'] = array(
		'library'  => 'twitter-bootstrap',
		'file'     => 'css/bootstrap',
		'minified' => '.min',

	return $styles;
add_filter( 'use_cdnjs_styles', 'md_bootstrap_use_cdnjs_style' );

What this means is that filter function accepts an array of items. Each item's key is name (handle) under which it was registered in WordPress (bootstrap in this case). Item is array that holds three settings:

  • library - name that cdnjs uses for that library (twitter-bootstrap in this case)
  • file - file name that cdnjs uses for that exact file (css/bootstrap in this case; it can be only single word)
  • minified - extension that cdnjs uses for minified version of file (.min in this case)

Please note that there are separate filters for JavaScript items and for CSS items. use_cdnjs_styles is for CSS, use_cdnjs_scripts is for JavaScript. Both are used the same way. Here is example for JavaScript:

function md_bootstrap_use_cdnjs_script( $scripts ) {
	$scripts['bootstrap'] = array(
		'library'  => 'twitter-bootstrap',
		'file'     => 'js/bootstrap',
		'minified' => '.min',

	return $scripts;
add_filter( 'use_cdnjs_scripts', 'md_bootstrap_use_cdnjs_script' );

Both filters in action can be seen if you look source code of my blog.

These filters can be also used to remove some of default items from processing.

This plugin is inspired by Use Google Libraries by Jason Penney. It uses some techniques from it, but Use cdnjs is written from scratch and is aimed for modern WordPress versions while also applying difference from Google Hosted Libraries and cdnjs.