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cra.gemspec is a gem for working with Georgian Civil Registry Agency web-services.


First of all you need to configure the gem. You need a PEM certificate file for this:

CRA.config.pem_file = '/home/dimakura/certificates/my-company.pem'

Getting person information by private number

If you have person's private number (11 digits code), then you can get the last entry in CRA database, like this:

private_number = '02001000490'
person_info = CRA.serv.by_personal_id(private_number) # CRA::PassportInfo

Getting person infromation by id card

You can get person's last document by their id card information:

id_card_serial = ''
id_card_number = '1355876'
person_info = CRA.serv.by_id_card(id_card_serial, id_card_number)

Getting full documentation for the person

If you have first/last names of the person and know their birthdate, then it's easy to get full list of documentation for this person:

fname = 'დიმიტრი'
lname = 'ყურაშვილი'
year, month, day = 1979, 4, 4
docs = CRA.serv.list_by_name_and_dob(lname, fname, year, month, day) # array of CRA::PassportInfo