Totally cleaned Foundation-sites 6 with simple scss and js stucture. Including Motion-ui and What-input.
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Purified Foundation for Sites 6


Foundation is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. Quickly go from prototype to production, building sites or apps that work on any kind of device with Foundation. Includes a fully customizable, responsive grid, a large library of Sass mixins, commonly used JavaScript plugins, and full accessibility support.


Cleaned Foundation-sites 6 from all dependencies. Pure scss base for compiling with user's preferred sass compiler. Separated javascript files to combine only needed features with user's preferred script loader or combiner minifier.

Motion-ui and What-input is included to this pack and can be used if needed.

Foundation version?

This repository forked from zurb/foundation-sites while version 6.2.3.

Getting Started

Download or clone this package.

Manual config setup

  • Use scss/app.scss to select required foundation features and add own stuff.
  • Set $flex: true; to enable flexbox-mode.
  • Edit scss/_settings.scss to modify foundation elements.
  • If RTL mode required set $global-text-direction: rtl;
  • Compile with preferred sass compiler.


The documentation can be found at

Javascript files


There is several versions of jquery to choose:

  • Jquery standard jquery.js or jquery.min.js
  • Jquery slim jquery.slim.js or jquery.slim.min.js
  • Sizzle sizzle.js or sizzle.min.js. More info at


Minimum requirements for usage are js/foundation/foundation.core.js, js/foundation/foundation.util.mediaQuery.js and js/app.js files. Find requirements of each Foundation's feature in the documentation and add needed files manually or with the loader.


A Sass library for creating CSS transitions and animations from your friends at ZURB. Originally integrated into Foundation for Apps, the code is now a standalone library and can be used by Foundation for Sites and Foundation for Apps.


In scss/app.scss file uncomment lines below to enable:

@import 'motion-ui/motion-ui';

@include motion-ui-transitions;
@include motion-ui-animations;

Or use scss/motion-ui.scss as a standalone plugin.

Include js-file:

<script src="js/motion-ui/motion-ui.js"></script>


A global utility for tracking the current input method (mouse, keyboard or touch).

Read What-input documentation.


<script src="assets/scripts/what-input.js"></script>