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Interdimenssional Gate
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Interdimensional Gate

Interdimensional Gate is a Unix-like challenge platform.

How to install dependencies

Launch npm install in server and client directories.

How to start servers

You need to use yarn start in the client directory and node . or npm start or nodemon in the server directory.

interdimensional-gate/client $ yarn start
interdimensional-gate/server $ nodemon

How to contribute

  • Fork this repo (button on top)
  • Clone on your local machine
git clone
cd hacktoberfest
  • Create a new branch named by your new functionnality
git checkout -b branch-name
  • Add modifications
  • Commit and push
git add .
git commit -m "commit's description"
git push origin branch-name
  • Create a new pull request from your forked repository

Update your fork

To update a fork, you must specify a new remote upstream repository that will be synced with the fork:

git remote add upstream

Then, verify the new upstream repository you've specified for your fork.

git remote -v

Finally, to pull changes from the upstream repository:

git pull upstream/master
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