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Hide overflow in DataObject tables

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1 parent 9a5eb99 commit ccb550ce8b9d25e36affdb80d6a99c36172971d3 @HashNotAdam HashNotAdam committed Aug 10, 2012
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1 css/dataobject_manager.css
@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
.list .dataobject-list li.head a:hover {background:none;}
.list .dataobject-list li {width:98.9%;overflow:hidden;border-bottom:1px solid #e4e4e4;padding:4px 5px;text-align:left;font-size:12px;}
.list .dataobject-list li .fields-wrap {width:90%;float:left;}
+.list .dataobject-list li .fields-wrap .col {overflow:hidden;}
.list .dataobject-list li .fields-wrap .col li {width:auto;border:0;padding:0;}
.ui-sortable li {cursor:move;}

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