Custom Hershey Bar Wrappers for WordCamps
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WordPress Happiness Bars

Custom Hershey Bar Wrappers for WordCamps, Private Parties, Or Just For Youself (No judging)

WordCamp Miami Happiness Bar

Yes! You can now have Happiness Bars Inside The Happiness Bar! :-)

WordCamp Miami likes to deliver unique things - many of which are inspired from other's ideas, some of which we come up with on our own. In 2016 we came up with these and wanted to share them.

These wrappers can be easily applied to chocolate bars such as these:


Concept from WordCamp Miami organizers. Design from start to finish: Erin Denton (@erinfonzidenton on Twitter). Big thanks to Erin. Without her, this would not have been possible.


Open source. I only ask you ping me if you use them at your conference or event. Would love to get pictures.

Other Stuff:

We have also open sourced our Wapuu Uno Cards (Wapuuno):