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Tools for updating and dumping firmware from GPS receivers utilizing the MT3333 or MT3339 chipset
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MT333x GPS receiver firmware tools

These tools can be used for updating and dumping firmware to/from GPS receivers utilizing the MT3333 or MT3339 chipset.

  • Dump the current firmware from a GPS device to file
  • Load a new firmware into a GPS device
  • Dispays the customization settings of a MT333x firmware file

The tools currently only work with Python 2.x.

Note: Most of the tools are written based on observing and trial-and-error. Especially for there is no guarantee that the information is correct.

Note2: These tools aren't production ready code. They are more ment as example code for people who want to build upon it.

Firmware updates + MTK download agent

To be able to update the firmware you need a MTK download agent. These are part of the 'GlobalTop FlashTool'. Make sure you use the correct download agent for your device.

Example filenames of download agents:

  • MTK_AllInOne_DA_MT3318_v4.01.bin (md5: 7e6bd13492293cf1efb4e8b25caa8c80)
  • MTK_AllInOne_DA_MT3329_v4.02.bin (md5: 52724a12c7186bdede40ce65e0d81c5e)
  • MTK_AllInOne_DA_MT3333_MP.BIN (md5: 028a2c42d1e39623c8aa148d8a0e6709)
  • MTK_AllInOne_DA_MT3339_E3.bin (md5: 973d91e32b1cc37a332bfc9e235bc372)

Firmware file names

The firmware files from GlobalTop follow a strict nameing scheme. For example:


  • AXN: Fixed Prefix
  • 3.20: Firmware Version
  • 8033: Build number
  • 3333: Target chipset, in this case MTK3333
  • 96: Baud rate / 100, in this case 9600 Baud
  • 1151100: NMEA sentence rate: { GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, ?GLL?, ?ZDA? }
  • 1: Update rate, ie. 1 Hz

Note: NMEA sentence rate can be 10. This gives a rather hard to decode filename like: AXN2.31_5657_3339_1152.101010101000.10.bin

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