InstantRDF package for Umbraco
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InstantRDF package for Umbraco


This Umbraco package does the following:

  • Exports your document types structure as an ontology to an RDF graph.
  • Exports your published content nodes as resources to a separate RDF graph.
  • Makes all the URIs (IRIs), contained in the above, dereferencable. The ontology IRIs get dereferenced to a page, listing the entire ontology, and the rest of the resources to pages displaying the resources they are linked to.
  • Sets up a SPARQL endpoint on your web site with a file-based triple store. If you would like to use a third party triple store like Virtuoso, Sesame, 4store, etc, the package allows you to configure your installation to interoperate with one.
  • Allows you to link the generated datastore to other datastores by using Umbraco tags.
  • A macro is also included which, when placed in a template, retrieves a summary of the resource referred to by each such tag and displays it as an external article with a reference to the source of the content. For the moment, summaries of Wikipedia entries can be retrieved from resources linking to DBpedia (make sure you uphold their licensing terms though).
  • Allows you to produce a more standardised ontology by declaring equivalences between the auto-generated property predicates and predicates declared in namespaces such as SKOS or Dublin Core.
  • Allows you to annotate your templates with RDFa, linking displayed html tags with predicates from your ontology and linking each page with its corresponding resource in the triple store.

Tip for developers: You're going to have some missing references because I do not redistribute the Umbraco libraries the project is referring to. To solve that, create a folder called lib\UmbracoLibraries inside the cloned solution folder and copy the dlls from an Umbraco instance there.