An application for solving logic games similar to those found on standardized tests like the LSAT and GRE.
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Here's an example of the type of problem this application will try to solve (pulled from an old LSAT):

    Seven consecutive time slots for a broadcast, numbered in chronological order 1 through 7, will be filled by six song tapes - G, H, L, O, P, S - and exactly one news tape. Each tape is to be assigned to a different time slot, and no tape is longer than any other tape. The broadcast is subject to the following restrictions:

        * L must be played immediately before O
        * The news tape must be played at some time after L
        * There must be exactly two time slots between G and P, regardless of whether G comes before P or whether G comes after P

    If G is played second, which one of the following tapes must be played third?

        * The news
        * H
        * L
        * O
        * S