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DHT11/21/22 JavaScript Support for Mongoose-IoT Firmware Running on ESP8266 Modules

This extension allows to read DHT11/21/22 sensors by using JavaScript code, on an ESP8266 board running the Mongoose-IoT javaScript enabled Firmware.

JavaScript Usage Example

To read a DHT11 sensor connected on GPIO5 of an Amica NodeMCU v2 ESP8266 based board, use the following code: Dht.TypeEL.DHT11, 5);

It returns a JSON object with the following format:


The Dht.TypeEL enumeration contains the following literals: DHT11, DHT21, DHT22. Make sure that you are using the right one for your sensor, otherwise you'll get wrong readings.

The last parameter of the read method represents the GPIO pin number and NOT the pin number marked on the board. In our example, 5 means that we use the GPIO5 pin of an Amica NodeMCU v2 board, as shown in the image below.

GPIO pins mapping of an Amica NodeMCU v2 board.

Adding the DHTxx Code to Mongoose-IoT Firmware

The src folder contains the needed files. Each file contains notes and comments about where should be copied or where its content must be added to an already existing Mongoose-IoT Firmware source file.

Build the Mongoose-IoT Firmware

Check our tutorial which containis complete information about how to build the Mongoose-IoT Firmware and use the Mongoose-IoT Flashing Tool to upload it to an ESP8266 module.