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A tiny currency pair demo via epik, a micro MVC framework for the web.


Clone the repo, cd into it, then:

$ npm install
$ bower install
$ grunt

This will add all dependencies and start the express server on http://localhost:8000/. It will also compile the pairs.less file for you and try to open a web browser.


The aim is to demonstrate how code can be shared between epik components on the client and on the server, as well as being able to create a fast, responsive app with multiple DOM updates per second and bi-directional data bindings.

You can tweak the server tick rates, by default a currency ticks at random every 100 to 1000ms. The app should remain with minimal CPU usage even with 50 or 100 currency pairs.


There are only two view controllers - one for all the pairs (adding and instantiating) and one view per pair. However, you can easily have a single VC for all currencies of the same type and implement it via markup, letting rivets.js bindings take care of things.

Notable dependencies are:

  • requirejs - module loading
  • epik - MVC framework
  • primish - Class inheritance
  • rivets.js - DOM bindings
  • big.js - Working with floats

Internally, lodash and jquery are also available through epik.

It is in no way supposed to be representative of how an actual FX pair is supposed to work.