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Made to be really simple and lightweight.
It is my first public openFrameworks addon.
Requires oF 0.9+
Suggestions and code improvements will be greatly appreciated.
Use by your own risk. It is working well here.
Tested on OS X. Let me know if you are using it. Examples will be created under demand
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Small Sister Project: https://github.com/dimitre/Cinder-DmtrUI


Load interface layouts from text files. See section Text File Format in this README for more info Info is not up to date.


A C++ exercise for me
first open source project, hope to get collaboration from skilled programmers
lead an interface project from my own needs
a way of quickly design a prototype interface and spend time in what matters
a personal substitute for the beloved and deprecated ofxUI
An UI that is not constantly redrawing on screen. each time one element is refreshed the screen is saved into an FBO.
CPU usage is very low.




./Different events for loading xml files and updating with the mouse. add namespace to classes.
test events in IOs ./Change some variables named in portuguese
//integration with ofxMidi for midi controllers use
//radio buttons rectangles according to width.
//radio images for presets. //port to lib cinder

Future Ideas

Performance : maybe check inside panel rectangle if mouse event is inside before check in each panel element. Implement the class Element and make pointers to member functions of draw, check mouse, get val etc.

2016 09 27

Improvements. Software mode which handles automatically presets, multiple columns, presets folders. More documentation to follow. UI used in lots of differents projects now: http://dmtr.org/nikecube/ Paralympics Rio Opening Ceremony Paralympics Rio Closing Ceremony

2016 07 27

I’m not logging a lot of improvements here. Now we have radioText which is a radio that loads the options from a text file, separated by new lines.

2016 07 03

Major overhaul on xml saving / loading. it will recognize the oldstyle xml files and save in 2.0 version automatically for a while. Let me know if you are already using presets, the conversion process will be stripped out in some weeks.

2016 06 27

New parameter opacity and opacityRest (UI without mouse over) Lots of improvements not logged here.

2016 05 25

added saveX saveY and restoreX restoreY
updating software for The Year club.
upgrading ofxDmtrUIMidiController.

2016 05 20

new addon to interface this addon with midi controller https://github.com/dimitre/ofxDmtrUIMidiController

2016 05 20

function clear added. clear all sliders and variables, reset flow.x e flow.y to be ready to build other kinds of elements.

2016 05 13

Possibility of coloring down some radio options. Made for Mareh Festival, a visual shortcut to moving heads color wheel options. Happy, the second commercial project using the interface.

2016 05 12

Under demand for Marisco Festival next weekend: Multiple options radio. flowing like a text and saving booleans. saving space too.

2016 05 10

Slider2d now working OK, saving and loading fbo element now possible. just display some FBO in your interface.

In the meantime I’ve written Cinder-DmtrUI as a simple UI for Cinder too. I’ve started by other approach and I like it very much. I’ll try to convert some ideas and concepts from there to here in the near future.

2016 05 04

Flow fixes

2016 04 29

“margin” affects marginx and marginy Presets working. load and save presets with thumbnail images.

2016 04 27

Slider2d first sketches Color first sketch

2016 04 18

License added.

2016 04 17

toggle matrix elements

togglematrix    checkers    5 3

2016 04 15

Bang! button, only triggering an event
radio button shortcuts for integers or floats (bang)
vertical sliders
create object from a line Areia, arrays of toggles. shortcut to float and int sliders

2016 04 14

manual for ui text files Pointers to pString working on Radio items and DirList. Pointers to pBool on toggles Pointers to pInt and pFloat on Sliders ui.keepSettings = false; ~ a way of automatically loading and saving xml files from ui on setup and exit.
parameter “auto fit” for dimensioning rectangles. pass pointer reference of pFloat, pBool to update functions of classes.

2016 04 12

radio buttons flowing correctly dirtiest working too

2016 04 08

radio buttons first draft.

2016 04 07

slider integer working OK

2016 04 06

multiple columns now possible interface building from text file min max and def working on sliders.

2016 04 05

possibility of creating multiple columns
Solved drag to outside slider
github first draft
example working inside addon folder
addon_config.mk added
ready added.

2016 04 04

primeiro rascunho da primeira versao do ofxDmtrUI
toggle, toggle drag event
package inside an addon and bind events load save presets in xml objects containers of panels. os eventos de mouse só entram em cada painel primeiramente.
talvez fazer subcolunas tb.

Text File Format

Text files are a custom format like TSV

label   ofxDmtrUI
label   Code Dmtr.org 2016

marginy 100
label   First Column
float   r   0 255 127
float   g   0 255 127
float   b   0 255 127
radio   speed2shortcut  1 2 4 8

float   DivNoiseX   0 1 .2
float   DivNoiseY   0 1 .2
bool    toggle1
bool    toggle2
bool    toggle3
bool    ok  1
bool    ok2 1

Setup values, values that doesn’t display anything but changes the variables in UI instance. rectx y width height

rect    240 20 840 940

defines the interface rectangle, useful when using more than one UI instance, distributing rectangles on the screen.

marginx 20
marginy 280
sliderWidth 240

changes the rectangle margins and redefine sliderWidth

label   Fita 1
float   posicao1    0 1 0
int divisao1    1 8 1
float   pan1    -1 1 -.5
float   vol1    0 1 1

create a label “Fita 1” a float variable called “posicao1” with min = 0, max = 1, def = 0

label   Fita 2
float   posicao2    0 1 0

newcol jumps to a new column to add more widgets.

radio   speed2shortcut  1 2 4 8

Radio create a radio with n parameters separated by space. useful to list numbers or words in the software accessible in the map ui.pString[name]

dirlist fita1   /Users/dd/Desktop/WORK_DMTR/AREIA_AUDIO

dirlist creates a radio with files listed in a specific directory, relative or absolute path.

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