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Gulp script which optimizes jekyll's output to get a score of 100 on Google's PageSpeed Insights
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jekyll-gulp-optimizations | Getting you to a Google PageSpeed Insights score of 100

This is an adaption and extension of a already very good gulp script from Steve Edson's post Automating optimisations with Gulp.

For further explanation take a look at my blog post about it.


  1. Clone this repo and move the files into your jekyll root folder
  2. Edit the gulpconfig.json file and place your server and cloudflare credentials in there
  3. run npm install gulp -g to install gulp globally and be able to run gulp commands
  4. run npm install to install all needed dependencies
  5. run gulp deploy to do the whole build and deploy to your server

Available commands

gulp deploy

Builds and deploys all files to your server

gulp dry-run

Builds without deploying all files to your server, for testing reasons. You can run jekyll serve and do a parallel gulp dry-run command to see how your local output will look like.

gulp raw-deploy

Does to normal jekyll build and deploys directly to your server, without any optimizations.