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;; Handle changing dependencies in `el-get-update'
(setq el-get-default-process-sync t
el-get-verbose t
'((:name a :type builtin :depends
(b c d))
(:name b :type builtin)
(:name c :type builtin)
(:name d :type builtin)
(:name e :type builtin)
(:name f :type builtin)
(:name g :type builtin)))
;; Ensure a is uninstalled
(ignore-errors (el-get-remove 'a))
;; Install a and some deps
(el-get-install 'a)
;; Make sure deps got installed
(assert (el-get-package-is-installed 'd) nil
"Package D should be installed after installing A.")
;; Add some more deps
(setf (car el-get-sources)
'(:name a
:type builtin
:depends (b c d e f g)))
;; Run update with the new dependencies
(el-get-update 'a)
(assert (el-get-package-is-installed 'g) nil
"Package G should be installed after updating A.")
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