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;; Status file migration fails with removed and unavailable recipe
;; Just install some package to make sure el-get creates the
;; appropriate directories
(setq el-get-sources
(list '(:name a
:type builtin))
debug-on-error t)
(el-get-install 'a)
;; Set up the status file with a removed package that has no current
;; recipe available.
(insert (el-get-print-to-string
'(:nonexistent-package "removed")))
(write-file el-get-status-file))
;; Now try to read the status file. Without a fix, it will try to read
;; the recipe for "nonexistent-package" and fail, throwing an error.
;; Try to write package's status as "removed", which will also convert
;; the status file to the new format. Without a fix, it will again try
;; and fail to find the nonexistent recipe.
(el-get-save-package-status 'nonexistent-package "removed")
;; Now the list of package status recipes should be nil because no
;; packages are installed.
(assert (equal (el-get-package-status-recipes) nil) nil)
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