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Document the install-info installation time dependency for El-Get.

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@@ -61,6 +61,25 @@ If you do not already have `git` on your system, you can install it through
your package manager if you are using Linux or by downloading it from the
[Git Homepage](
+## Installation Dependencies
+Installing El-Get depends on a working `install-info` command, please make
+sure you have one in your `PATH`. In `debian`, it's available in the
+[install-info debian package]( The
+[MacOSX install-info](
+version works fine with El-Get.
+When using the *windows* operating system, take into account that the way
+Emacs calls external programs is not the same for *native builds* and
+*cygwin*, so make sure you don't mix and match them at least for
+`install-info` (e.g. *cygwin* version of `install-info` will error out when
+called by el-get from a `windows-nt` Emacs, see `system-type`). When using a
+*native build* of Emacs for windows, consider using the
+[GNU Win 32]( distribution of
+[TexInfo for windows](,
+which contains the proper `install-info` version when you're not using the
+*cygwin* Emacs binary.
## Stable Branch
To install El-Get you can use the *lazy-installer*. This will not load it

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