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Spurious hangs with HTTP method #698

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I have noticed that on a fresh install on new machine "sometimes" (it' hard to figure out when) the HTTP method got stuck until I click in a buffer (sounds crazy to me)

The message is (for example with the adoc recipe):

Contacting host:

When I click on the buffer the install process goes on.

By the way the github method does also hang with the HTTP protocol. Works fine with git.

PS: I noticed that with emacs daily builds on OSX.


I also have been having issues with the github method using http (while not having any with git). However in my case I wasn't sure if it was being caused by the firewall at work since I don't really recall having the issue on my personal laptop when elsewhere.

However at least for github evaluating (setq el-get-github-default-url-type 'https) solves the issue.


Here are some backtrace I got:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Trying to parse HTTP response code in odd buffer:  *http*")
  signal(error ("Trying to parse HTTP response code in odd buffer:  *http*"))
  error("Trying to parse HTTP response code in odd buffer: %s" " *http*")
  package--download-one-archive(("gnu" . "") "archive-contents")
  #[nil "\301�\302\"\207" [archive package--download-one-archive "archive-contents"] 3]()
  (if p nil (package-refresh-contents))
  (unless p (package-refresh-contents))

The buffer *http* is empty.


It happened to me to, actually just moving the mouse pointer into an active Emacs frame allows the fetch to resume. I wouldn't know how to approach debugging that, and would be quite surprised if we're able to track that down to el-get itself, although that would be good news as we could actually deliver a fix.


I encountered this issue long before I discovered el-get, it must be a more general problem with Emacs or package.el itself. I always end up frantically moving the mouse around to help it along.


Yep this also happens with magit.

Still don't know why :-(.


I can't install el-get at all because HTTP seems to hang on:

Contacting host:

This is Ubuntu 11.10 with an early emacs 24. I'll have to try again later.

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