Load literate user settings #693

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106 el-get-recipes.el 100644 → 100755
@@ -54,24 +54,106 @@ should be placed last in this list."
:group 'el-get
:type '(choice (const :tag "Off" nil) directory))
+(defcustom el-get-user-package-org-type
+ (list "org.gpg.bz2" "org.gpg.gz" "org.gpg" "org.bz2" "org.gz" "org")
+ "Define the .org* file extensions to look for when loading user init
+files. The extensions are matched in the order listed and the first
+one found is used."
+ :group 'el-get
+ :type '(repeat (string)))
+(defcustom el-get-user-package-el-type
+ (list "el.gpg.bz2" "el.gpg.gz" "el.gpg" "el.bz2" "el.gz" "el")
+ "Define the .el* file extensions to look for when loading user
+init files. The extensions are matched in the order listed and
+the first one found is used."
+ :group 'el-get
+ :type '(repeat (string)))
+(defvar el-get-user-package-org-pending 'nil
+ "Used to track whether org needs to be loaded for user
+ init files to finish being initialized.")
+(defun el-get-user-package-org-load (package-init-file)
+ "Function for loading user init files stored as .org*"
+ (condition-case nil
+ (org-babel-load-file package-init-file)
+ (error (eval-after-load 'ob-tangle `(org-babel-load-file
+ ,package-init-file))
+ (setq el-get-user-package-org-pending 't))))
+(defun el-get-user-package-org-check ()
+ "Check to see if any user init files are waiting on ob-tangle.
+If 'nil then either `org-babel-load-file' is available, or no
+user init files are .org*. If 't then notify user that
+org is not yet loaded."
+ (when el-get-user-package-org-pending
+ ;; Check to see if ob-tangle or org were required after
+ ;; (eval-after-load 'ob-tangle) was called. Org will load
+ ;; ob-tangle as well.
+ (unless (featurep 'ob-tangle)
+ (el-get-notify "Loading of user init files incomplete"
+ "Add Org-Mode to path and run `(require 'org)' to complete initialization."))))
+(defun el-get-user-package-el-load (package-init-file)
+ "Function for loading user init files stored as .el*.
+This also respects the settings for `el-get-byte-compile'."
+ (if el-get-byte-compile
+ ;; Determine what the compiled filename will be. Since the
+ ;; package could have multiple extensions due to archiving and
+ ;; encrypting you cannot simply remove the last extension.
+ (let ((compile-name (byte-compile-dest-file package-init-file)))
+ (el-get-byte-compile package-init-file)
+ ;; Load the compiled file. This ensures you do not
+ ;; accidentally load a non .el/.elc file if there is such
+ ;; present in the directory.
+ (load-file compile-name))
+ ;; Otherwise load the uncompiled file.
+ (load-file package-init-file)))
(defun el-get-load-package-user-init-file (package)
"Load the user init file for PACKAGE, called init-package.el
and to be found in `el-get-user-package-directory'. Do nothing
when this custom is nil.
-Will automatically compile the init file as needed and load the
-compiled version."
+If the file is a literate file create in Org Mode it will
+automatically create a .el as needed based on file modification
+times and load it. If the file is a traditional elisp file it
+will load it directly."
(when el-get-user-package-directory
- (let* ((init-file-name (format "init-%s.el" package))
- (package-init-file
- (expand-file-name init-file-name el-get-user-package-directory))
- (file-name-no-extension (file-name-sans-extension package-init-file))
- (compiled-init-file (concat file-name-no-extension ".elc")))
- (when (file-exists-p package-init-file)
- (when el-get-byte-compile
- (el-get-byte-compile-file package-init-file))
- (el-get-verbose-message "el-get: load %S" file-name-no-extension)
- (load file-name-no-extension 'noerror)))))
+ ;; Match the package against the extension to determine which
+ ;; command to use when loading it. This returns the first
+ ;; matching filename+extension to be loaded, as well as the method
+ ;; to load it (org or elisp).
+ (flet ((package-load (base ext-type command)
+ (catch 'exists
+ (loop for ext in ext-type do
+ (let ((filename (format "%s.%s" base ext)))
+ (if (file-exists-p filename)
+ (throw 'exists `(,command ,filename)))))
+ nil)))
+ (let* ((package-name (format "init-%s" package))
+ (base (expand-file-name package-name
+ el-get-user-package-directory))
+ ;; By preferring .org files over .el files you ensure
+ ;; that changes to the .org files will be taken into
+ ;; account and a new .el file will be tangled to reflect
+ ;; those changes.
+ (load-method (or
+ (package-load base
+ el-get-user-package-org-type
+ 'el-get-user-package-org-load)
+ (package-load base
+ el-get-user-package-el-type
+ 'el-get-user-package-el-load))))
+ ;; Perform load evalation here
+ (if load-method
+ (progn
+ (el-get-verbose-message "el-get: load %S" (cdr load-method))
+ (eval load-method))
+ (el-get-verbose-message "el-get: No init file for %S" package))))))
(defun el-get-recipe-dirs ()
"Return the elements of el-get-recipe-path that actually exist.
7 el-get.el
@@ -1037,7 +1037,12 @@ already installed packages is considered."
(el-get-init-and-install (mapcar 'el-get-as-symbol packages))
;; now is a good time to care about autoloads
- (el-get-eval-autoloads))))
+ (el-get-eval-autoloads))
+ ;; Now that package loading is complete, check that .org user init
+ ;; files were loaded and not simply left waiting for
+ ;; 'org-install to be required.
+ (el-get-user-package-org-check)))
(provide 'el-get)