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Emacs Kicker

This repository contains a starter-kit for Emacs. If you’re new and want to try the editor with a easy setup, that’s for you. See http://tapoueh.org/blog/2011/04/15-emacs-kicker.html for a detailed introduction.


Here’s how to clone the project:

mkdir -p $REPO
git clone http://github.com/dimitri/emacs-kicker $REPO

If you just want to test it out:

rm -rf /tmp/kicker && mkdir -p /tmp/kicker
HOME=/tmp/kicker /path/to/emacs -q -l $REPO/init.el

To install:

mkdir -p ~/.emacs.d
( cd ~/.emacs.d && ln -s $REPO/init.el . )

The idea is to keep the git repository out of the way in some place of your own, then link it at the right place.

Please consult the Emacs manual regarding init files to insure that $REPO/init.el will actually be loaded.

What’s in there?

Some selection of packages to have a nice emacs, some settings to disable the menu bar and the tool bar, and also the scroll bar, etc. The visual improvements won’t be such for everybody, don’t hesitate reversing the defaults here.

Of course if you do alter this file but still want to be able to git pull in the future, you’d better branch :)


The author of the emacs-kicker is also the one of el-get, you won’t be surprised that we’re leveraging it here.


A selection of packages have been selected for you, consider adapting it of course.

manual steps

Once the first startup is done, consider M-x el-get-emacswiki-refresh so that you’re able to easily install any package from emacswiki.

How to go from that?

Just add the packages you want to try and need. To do that, try M-x el-get-install then TAB, and you will have a list

It’s possible that in the future this very simple emacs setup will somewhat grow into something a little more involved and use several files.

Changing Preferences

If you want a different setup from the basic emacs-kicker here, the simplest way is certainly to fork the project on github then use your own.

Happy Hacking!